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Home Modification

Home Modification

Home Modifications can make your home safer and easier for you to move around in amking it better suited to your current abilities. Modifying your home and/or some areas within your home may also allow for the installation of assistive technologies to reduce the risk of falls and injury when completing everyday tasks such as getting off the toilet, showering and/or mobilising around the home environment.

At Living Strength OT our qualified Occupational Therapist assess the environment and recommend the most effective and appropriate solution suited to your individual needs and functional abilities. Following the completion of the functional assessment the Occupational Therapist will provide recommendations to the builder for installation. Our Occupational Therapist comply with the Australian standards including the rules and regulations.


Some examples of minor home modifications include

– Grab rails beside the toilet, and/or in shower recess

– Slip resistant solution for tiles

– Hand held shower hose and/or Lever taps

– Wedge ramps for small lips throughout the home

– Removal of shower screen doors


Some major modifications can include

– Ramps

– Modifying stairs

– Modifying bathroom layout to make it more accessible safe

– Bath cut downs to enable access

– Stair climbers/lifts


Are concerned about your safety or a family members safety within their home? Do you think you may need home modifications? Contact our friendly Occupational Therapy team on 02 4340 0883 to arrange for an appointment.