Home Modification

About the assessment

Our occupational therapists can come to your home and assess your:

    • ability to access and move around your home environment
    • independence and safety in your home


We can make recommendations about home modifications needed to make it easier and safer to live in your home.

We work with funding bodies, builders and project managers for all home modification requirements.


Types of modifications

Our recommendations may be temporary or permanent solutions, such as designing and coordinating minor home modifications or complex structural alterations.


Some modifications may include:

    • access ramps
    • bathroom modification, including stepless showers
    • ceiling hoists
    • kitchen modifications
    • rails
    • stair or platform lifts


Time frame

We estimate that this service would take approximately 20 hours, including:

    • initial assessment
    • liaison with builders
    • visits with builders
    • report completion
    • travel to appointments with you and to meet with builders