Living Strength Occupational Therapy | Job Opportunities
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Job Opportunities

From time to time, Living Strength OT (LSOT) will post their job openings on the following sites: SEEK, INDEED, Living Strength OT Facebook page, Living Strength OT Instagram Account or the Living Strength OT Website. However, you are more than welcome to make contact with Barbara ( to discuss

Occupational Therapists

LSOT is currently searching for a passionate Occupational Therapist to join their team in a part-time or full-time capacity. Please send your resume, relevant OT experience and cover letter to:

Admin Team

Living Strength OT is not currently actively recruiting.

Student Placements 2018

If you are a final year OT Student and would like to have a placement at Living Strength OT, please contact Barbara at; and your Clinical Placement co-ordinator at University.